Yearly Features List!

Staff has decided to try out a new thing called yearly features this year! Attached is a list which compiles the best articles from throughout 2022, voted on by the greenlighting team. (link)

New Phenomena Category!

We’re introducing a new category: phenomena! Check out the phenomena list for a brief explanation of what they are! (link)

The Sun Over The Void

Some things just aren't meant for us to know. And based on what we've heard, some things are best left damn well alone.
the sun over the void

by Boifromnowhere does not match any existing user name and Kai4C

Phenomenon 4 - "Spiderposting"

"I come neither from foolish men
who know not their right hand from their left,
nor idols made of wood or gold
who cannot hear or see or speak,
but bear the Word of the One enthroned,
who reigns forever, clothed in white."

by Kai4C

Entity 73 - "Abyssal Ooze"

Entity 73 appears to have two parts to its being, working in tandem. It has been observed as a non-sentient liquid, Abyssal Ooze, and a sentient humanoid, referred to as "Kirai".

The Church - Part Two

Though this church was once considered a holy place, you can tell that no god is here to protect you now.
the church part two

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